Sailor moon 1st season locket or star locket

Hello, I'm looking for a sailor moon 1st season locket, star locket, or chibi moon S season locket.

I will pay up to $60 shipped for one of them. I would mostly pay up to $60 shipped for the chibi moon S locket.

I can only pay by money order.

If you have one of these items that you are willing to sell for the price I listed, then please comment or PM me.
Or you can contact me by my email:


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Looking for the yaoi game enzai

Hello, I was looking for the yaoi game called Enzai and I was wondering if anyone was selling it?
If you are I would be interested in it.
I would love to have this game

I can only pay by money order^^
I have all positive buyer feedback.

Post a comment or PM me if your selling enzai or if you know someone selling enzai.


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This is the list of the manga I want and I would like to get them for cheap. I would like to have sets. These: * tell how badly I want the manga or whatever and the stuff I really wants has more than 3 *'s or stars. I also have yaoi stuff I want.


Higurashi: 3-9*********
togainu no chi manga/doushinji********
Incubus *******
aijin incubus**************
black bird*********
death note *
vampire knight*******


Togainu no chi********
higurashi(any higurashi artbook)********
vampire knight artbook*******
okane ga nai artbook********

Video games:

Resident evil 5(xbox 360)******
enzai(yaoi game)********
resident evil 3***

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Eternal sailor moon:(I WANT THIS DO MUCH!!!)

Super sailor mercury:(also want badly)

Super sailor mars: (also want badly)

Super sailor Jupiter:(I WANT THIS VERY BADLY!!)

Super sailor Venus:(I WANT THIS VERY BADLY!!)

Super sailor Saturn:( I REALLY WANT THIS!!)

Sailor star fighter:(I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS!!)

Sailor star maker:

Sailor star healer:(I REALLY REALLY WANT THIS!!)



I DO NOT own the photos

Sailor moon 1st season locket(bandai American version:(found and am going to purchase)

Sailor moon heart locket compact:( WANT VERY BADLY!!)

Sailor moon spiral heart moon rod:

Sailor moon rainbow moon chalice:(Want very badly!!)

Sailor moon crisis locket:(I want this very badly!!)

Sailor chibi moon crisis locket:

Outer senshi talismans:(WANT SO VERY BADLY!!)

Pegasus stallion reve:(I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THIS!!!!!!)

Pegasus message orb:(I REALLY WANT THIS!!)

Sailor moon kaleido moon scope:(I want this alot!!)

Sailor chibi moon twinkle bell:(I want this SO very BADLY!!!)


My sailor mars doll

This is my sailor mars doll:korean version!!:D
I have had it for a few months but it's in good condition and everything is with it^^
I have decided to post this for my friend- super_moogles ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Here it is:
Btw: sorry for not posting actuals pics and just links. I'm on my iPod and this is all I can do for posting pics. Haha


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M WANT LIST(togainu no chi items)

Togainu no chi dog tag necklace-

Togainu no chi dog tag phone charm-

Togainu no chi guitar picks-

*I really want these items and if anyone has these items and are willing to sell them or know someone selling them then please let me know. =^_^=
I cam only pay by money order ^^;